The purpose of  to supply professional wiping products to the Scandinavian market. The products are mainly manufactured from recycled textiles.

Dantextil Aps is a part of the Hotex Group ( Dantextil Aps services and supplies the Scandinavian market. Eurotex-Nord GmbH is the groups German production facility for transforming recycled textiles into new products.

The group manufacturers more than 750.000 kg a month and has a worldwide network within the recycling industry.

The group is represented in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany and Denmark.

Futher Dantextil Aps has established a cooperation with Lazarus. Throughout this cooperation the Hotex Group supports doctors and nurses with warzones and developing countries.

The above added with an efficient logistic setup and comprehensive market knowledge, makes it possible to offer professional products, which at the same time takes care of the environment.